Thursday, April 4, 2013

The AP-7 or Autopista del Mediterráneo

The AP-7 or Autopista del Mediterráneo, is a autopista along the entire Spanish south and east coasts.
The path coincides with the corridor of the A-7. The highway connects France to Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Malaga and Algeciras. Where the AP-7 is missing, there is an A-7, and vice versa. Walk on both highways often coexist.

The toll part of the road,  of the old N-VII, so the AP-7, is 921 km long. This will be expanded in the future. In the future, the AP-7 1380 km long and forms a continuous toll connection between France and the southern tip of Spain.

There is often confusion about these 2 roads. The A-7 and AP-7 are both 2 parallel roads along the Mediterranean coast. The AP-7 is a toll highway for through traffic, and the A-7 is a toll-free highway for local traffic.
Currently, the A-7 and AP-7 along the route from the French border to Algeciras, but it is intended that in future two parallel highways lie, the A-7 of 1330 km, and the AP-7 of 1380 kilometers. This is already the case in the area between Gibraltar and Malaga, where the A-7 runs across all tourists’ cities, and the AP-7 bit further inland. Elsewhere it is the other way, and runs the A-7 further inland, including between Valencia and Alicante, and between Elche and Vera.

The construction of the A-7 comes primarily from the conversion of the existing N-340, while the AP-7 on a new route lies. This also explains the higher density exit on the A-7. On the road sections where roundabouts in preventing the A-7 also numbered as N-340, and the substandard and highway sections only if A-7.

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