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Spanish food and drinks

Spanish food and drink

When it comes to food is Spain of course most famous for its tapas, a cluster of small and varied, often original snacks. Every bar and every restaurant has different tapas, something for everyone. Tasty, but also expensive. Especially in the center.

The specialty of Malaga is pescaíto frito, fried small fish. But Espetos, grilled sardines on a stick, are very popular. Another typical dish of Malaga is porra antequerana (a special kind of gazpacho). Gazpacho is a Spanish (for) dish. It is a cold soup of vegetables and herbs, usually with tomato. This soup is not heated but should be eaten cold

The name gazpacho comes from the Latin word caspa which stands for scrap or trifle. Even before the Romans, the
Spanish shepherds made a kind of gazpacho,  because gazpacho alleviate the hunger, quenches thirst and provides the body with the necessary vitamins and salt.

Ingredients• Tomatoes• Red peppers• Cucumber• Onions• Water• Wine vinegar• Olive oil• Garlic• Salt• Croutons

Some of these ingredients can be served separately, so that each can add them to your taste. The wine vinegar and olive oil must be of good quality according to the Spanish people.

A popular drink in Malaga is Cartojal, a slightly sweet wine that is sold in plastic bottles. Very practical, because during the famous Feria de Málaga, the street littered with plastic rather than glass. The wine "Malaga Virgen" is highly recommended, and with a nice bottle of olive oil,  a typical local product to take to the home as a gift.

Spaniards generally eat very late. They have breakfast until mid-morning. Lunch between 14:00 and 16:00 is the most important meal of the day. In the evening they wait to eat until the sun goes under (and cooler!), between 21.00 and 23.00.

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