Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Muelle Uno

Malaga has a very active trading port. I suggest you take a walk on the quay with the aim to find a nice view over the city and as the Alcazaba, Gibralfaro Castle and the cathedral to discover.
You also get the chance to see the vibrancy of the
maritime to do with it, an atmosphere that is so different than the atmosphere in the city.

The new port of Malaga, "Muelle 1" or "Muelle Uno" is the new promenade with shops, cafes and restaurants, recreation for children and a beautiful garden with palm trees.

Almost daily there are large cruise ships arriving in Malaga, in this new docking port. The area is primarily intended for visitors from the ships, but it is also an attractive area for the other tourists of the city and its inhabitants.

The mall is on the side of the Paseo de la Farola - the effect is the same as the entrance of the gate. You will find about 60 shops, offering a variety of fashion, accessories, shoes, beauty products, flowers, furniture, decoration and food. Many famous brands are represented, such as Mango, Amichi, Adolfo Dominguez, Tommy Hilfinger, Bimba,, Timberland, Diesel, Roberto Verino, Andy Craft, Mandragora, ETXART, Panno, Kiko, Lacoste, Levi's, Loft Six, Decimas, and No. Bella.

The wide choice of restaurants makes it easy to create a perfect opportunity for lunch or dinner to find. Typical Spanish tapas and menus, Mexican food, Indian food and of course lots of fresh fish and seafood. The restaurants have an inviting, modern and comfortable atmosphere, with nice furniture, very different from all those plastic chairs and tables that you often see here. Here you can enjoy your day and watch the people and the boats and the beautiful views of La Alcazaba.

Besides this area you will find the new palm garden (Palmeral de las Sorpresas), where you can relax between hundreds of palm trees with a playground for children upon.

For the children there is an indoor playground, at the entrance to the underground car park and the palm tree garden.

There is an underground parking garage right under "Muelle 1" is, so you do not have to worry about parking or a long, long way to walk on your visit to the new port.

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