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Nightlife in Malaga

Nightlife in Malaga

A night out in Malaga starts for many young people on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, near the birthplace of Picasso, at the Plaza de la Merced. Not so long ago that evening began in the surrounding bars and cafes, but outside on the square itself. Gradually when the evening falls the square can become pretty busy.  Groups of young people get together and everyone brings their own plastic bag with beer, tinto de verano, a bottle of liquor or whatever you feel of bringing. Later, they start going to the bars and nightclubs in Malaga centre which are open till late.  This particular phenomenon is called Botellón, recently forbidden because of the noise, rubbish and problems they caused.

 If you want to go out in Malaga have fun options include the following:DiscoMalaga has not much real nightclubs, but does have a lot of bars with a dance floor. Two nice nightclubs Pako Paya and Village Green. Liceo has 4 dance floors spread over 2 floors. The crowd is a mix of students, foreigners, tourists and 'older youth'.
Artdisco Warhol on Calle Denis Belgrano is best known among the gay scene in Malaga, just like bar La Reina, where you are welcome if you have another preference. When disco Anden they run many Latin American music.

DrinksThe guides are full of them, but you should have seen: Bar Bodega El Pimpi. This hundred year old tourist hotspot is a popular venue because of the special atmosphere and ambiance. There is a variegated audience of all ages, many tourists but also many Spaniards. On the wall is decorated with pictures of the many celebrities who have ever been. In each of the many areas is something to do and see. Especially at lunchtime there is the cozy evening gets busier and noisier. There is also regular live (flamenco) music.Bar Bodega El Pimpi has two entrances, one on the Plaza de la Merced and the other on Calle Granada.

Salsa!Malaga has several venues where you can dance. At restaurant El Jardin on Calle Cañon you can listen to Spanish songs or poems on Friday tango and flamenco dancing, and mostly affect Spanish locals. The whole evening listening to flamenco, you can include in Vista Andalucía on Avenida de los Guindo. For live jazz music you need to El Cantor de Jazz in Calle Lazcano 7.
The day after

In Moscatel you on Sunday afternoon at Hotel Cohiba recover from all your escapades from the night before. They give it delicious mojitos as with Kaleido to the port of Benalmadena. In the disco Kaleido they organize regular theme nights, housepartys and guest appearances by various DJs. And Cohiba is often rotated tasty salsa music.TheaterFor a cultural night out you have to go to the famous theater of the city, Teatro Cervantes. The original building dates from 1870 but fell into disrepair over the years strongly until completely restored in 1984. The theater offers over 1,100 seats and represents all genres, from opera to dance.

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