Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The cruise port of Málaga

Over the past years, Málaga has invested heavily in the cruise port. 

View of Malaga port
When cruise ships now dock at the harbour, they do so at the large and modern cruise terminal. 

From here it is only a short stroll to the beach of La Malagagueta, which is a lovely stretch of narrow beaches with small bars and restaurants. 

The gorgeous historical centre is an approximate 2 kilometers, or 1.2 miles. 

This is where you go, if you want to shop (at the great calle Larios) or explore the city with its many monuments such as the Cathedral, the Roman theater or the Alcazaba (a military fortress build by the Moors in the 11th century), visit the Picasso Museum, or just enjoy the laid-back ambiance of Málaga and its hundreds of tearooms, tapa-bars, cafés and restaurants. 

You will love Malaga! 

Many cities boast to 'have it all'… and Málaga actually does. The Mediterranean in the front, mountains in the back. Unlike many other big coastal cities, the beach is never more than a stroll away, and for a city of half a million, the air is clean, healthy and crisp in winter, and the heat bearable in summer. 

Do you have time for an excursion? 

If you already know Málaga or would want to see something else than a city, you could decide to reserve a private taxi to go to Ronda

OK, that is also a (small) city, but then one that is out of the ordinary: a very picturesque, traditional city in the middle of nowhere, with stunning views all around you. It quite literally is the highlight of the province of Málaga. It is a 1.5 hour drive from Málaga port, and half of that drive takes you through lovely scenery, ideal for a pick-nick or a photo shoot!

We wish you a very pleasant stay in Málaga!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Benalmadena Cable Cars!

Hanging in the air? Overseeing the coastline?  An exciting excursion? 

A view from the Benalmadena 'Teleférico' 
If you are not afraid of heights, head for the cable cars of Benalmadena!

'Flying over' the A7 Costa del Sol motorway - there's hardly a tourist who has never seen them. 

You find the start by leaving the motorway at Exit 222 (Benalmadena-Arroyo de la Miel). 

From the modern departure station to the summit, it is a 3 KM 'flight' that takes 15 minutes. During the first minutes you will start to oversee the whole of Benalmadena, followed by views of the whole of the Malaga coastline and its unique landscape. 

The route ends at the recreational area at the Calamorro Mountain, 769 meters or 2523 ft above sea level. 

The return prices are around 13 Euro for an adult, and 10 Euro for a child. 

The first car leaves at 11:00 AM, every day. In the winter the hours runs until 18:00 but as the days get longer, so do the openings hours… in the midst of summer you can go up to midnight! 

Double check the current opening hours in Benalmadena 'Teleferico'

What to do at the summit?

At this top of the Calamorro Mountain there is a recreational area: a net of trails and rest areas, viewpoints, paragliding launch area, a falconry show, a dressage show, an astronomical observation area and even a nightlife and restaurant area! 

So you can easily turn it into a half or full day excursion. 

As part of our team lives in Benalmadena, we are proud of it!