Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Top 3 of Malaga Highlights

A ranking of highlights is always personal. 

If you ask us though, the following 3 destinations are very clearly THE places to visit in Malaga province. 

Non-surprisingly they are also very popular with tourists, so we do not stand alone in this: 
The cathedral of Malaga city
1. Malaga city

Malaga city has got it all. 

The sea in the front and mountains in the back. A big and bubbly city with fresh air and a healthy feel. 

Busy, but calm. Corporate, but picturesque. Musea, castles, shopping, great sea food, tapas... you name it. 

Just how many cities are there where it's only a stroll from a museum or busy shopping street to a beach? 

2. A night out in Puerto Banus

And now for something completely different... a hot summer night out in Marbella's luxury harbour: Puerto Banus! 

Luxurious for one, camp for the other, amazing for one, a giggle for the other... just about everyone who has experienced such a summer night drink in the streets of Puerto Banus, remembers it.

Versace shops open until well after midnight, looking at the tremendous yachts of the very rich, the highest number of luxury cars per square km: Puerto Banus loves money (and its restaurants and tourist shops are amazingly inexpensive). 

3. A day to Ronda
Oh, Ronda. City in the middle of nowhere. Stunning views. The city Hemingway wrote about, and where the original Carmen lived. 

Culture and romance, rolled into one. 

Ronda is at some 80 Kms from Malaga, and what a beautiful 80 Kms these are. Whether you drive over Coin or via Marbella, the trip by car is a highlight in itself. 

Sure, Malaga has much more to offer. With these 3 though, you can say you have lived the Costa del Sol experience. 


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Butterfly spotting in Benalmádena

The colourful world of butterflies...

In Benalmádena near Málaga you can spot more than 1500 of them. In the 'Mariposario' or butterfly vivarium

In a beautiful Thai temple on the outskirts of Benalmádena, you can visit a true butterfly habitat. Species from Africa, Australia and the Americas.

As their average life only lasts 2-3 weeks, the population constantly changes. 

Over the course of a year we are talking about 150 species. 

You can spot their whole biological circle, and also their behaviour - the delicate courting. 

To remain close to the original territories of the species, the temperature in the mariposario always is the one of a nice springtime: between 24-26 centrigrade. 

You don't like butterflies or plants? There are a few other animals too, from exotic birds to cameleons. 

Even if they live together in the same space, there are no conflicts between the species. There's no competition either. 

Opening hours and entry fees

The vivarium is open every day from 10 AM to 7.30 PM. 
Photography is allowed, even with flash. 

Only small dogs are allowed, and have to be kept in the arms. For bigger dogs there's a waiting area. 

The prices vary from 7 Euro for children to 10 Euro for adults. There's a reduction for people who are retired. 

How to get there?

The butterfly vivarium is situated right next to the A7 motorway, so very easy to reach if you arrive by car. You can't miss the Thai temple! 

If you do not have a car, then it might be good to get a taxi. You can call us for a taxi at 0034 952 001 027.

More information

For more photos, visit the website of the Benalmadena Butterfly vivarium

Currently the website is in Spanish only. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Is Málaga Airport 'difficult'?

Here is a much heard question: "Is it easy to find your way at the airport of Málaga"? 

Ever since AGP - the official airport code for Malaga's International Airport - underwent a massive reconstruction and a brand new Arrival and Departure hall were added, the airport looks impressively modern, shiny... and huge. 

The arrival hall at Malaga Airport
Yes, it no longer is the almost cosily provincial airport of only 4 years ago. 

It is good it is situated in between Málaga city and Torremolinos, so it could expand - because expanded it has! 

Now, is it easy? Yes, it is!

All you need to do when arriving, is follow the signs, and they are very clear. Sure, your walk from the aircraft to the arrival hall can seem longer: you will be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a truly international Airport. 

Whether you look for your taxi, a bus or the coastal train; all you need to do is follow the sign. In most cases that will be the sign of luggage. For you will have to pick up your luggage first. And then for the sign Exit. (In Spanish: 'Salida'). 

Here is the pick-up point for your taxi: 

The pick-up point of taxi's at Malaga Airport.
This photo might not tell you a lot: it is simply the arrival hall, the hall where you will end anyway, immediately after customs. 

To make things even easier: if you booked your taxi beforehand, the driver will be waiting there with a sign with your name on. So all you need to do after customs, is to look around. 

This is also the spot where you can head to the coastal train, a parking lot or any bus: all you need to do is look for the icon of a train, a car or a bus. 

Welcome to Málaga!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Inland Málaga… the land of Carmen and Hemingway

You can sometimes divide Málaga into two completely different worlds.

These two worlds are only separated by 20 Kms of hills and winding roads – but could not be more different.

On one hand there is the busy, bustling and very international  coastline: the Costa del Sol.

On the other hand there is Málaga inland…  beautiful, rural, calm and often picturesque: 

the real Andalucía!

When you have a rental car, you can still bump into gems of villages. Or let your taxi drop you in one of the 'white villages' inland.

There are villages and spots like little poems, where the people still clap their hands on the rhythm of the buleria and youngsters still snap the fingers and sing a fandango. 

Where many people are still dedicated to the harvest of olives, or are true craftsman of wood sculpting.

This, dear reader, is the land of Carmen – the original Carmen came from Ronda, not Seville. 

It’s the land Hemingway loved and wrote about, and where Orson Welles has found his last resting place. 

No, Don Juan did not live here – yet you would think he did, given the many men that seem to act and dress like him.

When you are so lucky to bump into a village like this, away from the main road, and you see the old men sitting under a palmtree, while teenagers skate buy on a skateboard, children playing in the street or spoiling their favourite stray dog… you think: yes, this is beautiful. I am so happy to be here.

Málaga is as diverse as a whole country.