Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Is Málaga Airport 'difficult'?

Here is a much heard question: "Is it easy to find your way at the airport of Málaga"? 

Ever since AGP - the official airport code for Malaga's International Airport - underwent a massive reconstruction and a brand new Arrival and Departure hall were added, the airport looks impressively modern, shiny... and huge. 

The arrival hall at Malaga Airport
Yes, it no longer is the almost cosily provincial airport of only 4 years ago. 

It is good it is situated in between Málaga city and Torremolinos, so it could expand - because expanded it has! 

Now, is it easy? Yes, it is!

All you need to do when arriving, is follow the signs, and they are very clear. Sure, your walk from the aircraft to the arrival hall can seem longer: you will be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a truly international Airport. 

Whether you look for your taxi, a bus or the coastal train; all you need to do is follow the sign. In most cases that will be the sign of luggage. For you will have to pick up your luggage first. And then for the sign Exit. (In Spanish: 'Salida'). 

Here is the pick-up point for your taxi: 

The pick-up point of taxi's at Malaga Airport.
This photo might not tell you a lot: it is simply the arrival hall, the hall where you will end anyway, immediately after customs. 

To make things even easier: if you booked your taxi beforehand, the driver will be waiting there with a sign with your name on. So all you need to do after customs, is to look around. 

This is also the spot where you can head to the coastal train, a parking lot or any bus: all you need to do is look for the icon of a train, a car or a bus. 

Welcome to Málaga!


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