Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Inland Málaga… the land of Carmen and Hemingway

You can sometimes divide Málaga into two completely different worlds.

These two worlds are only separated by 20 Kms of hills and winding roads – but could not be more different.

On one hand there is the busy, bustling and very international  coastline: the Costa del Sol.

On the other hand there is Málaga inland…  beautiful, rural, calm and often picturesque: 

the real Andalucía!

When you have a rental car, you can still bump into gems of villages. Or let your taxi drop you in one of the 'white villages' inland.

There are villages and spots like little poems, where the people still clap their hands on the rhythm of the buleria and youngsters still snap the fingers and sing a fandango. 

Where many people are still dedicated to the harvest of olives, or are true craftsman of wood sculpting.

This, dear reader, is the land of Carmen – the original Carmen came from Ronda, not Seville. 

It’s the land Hemingway loved and wrote about, and where Orson Welles has found his last resting place. 

No, Don Juan did not live here – yet you would think he did, given the many men that seem to act and dress like him.

When you are so lucky to bump into a village like this, away from the main road, and you see the old men sitting under a palmtree, while teenagers skate buy on a skateboard, children playing in the street or spoiling their favourite stray dog… you think: yes, this is beautiful. I am so happy to be here.

Málaga is as diverse as a whole country.

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