Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Top 3 of Malaga Highlights

A ranking of highlights is always personal. 

If you ask us though, the following 3 destinations are very clearly THE places to visit in Malaga province. 

Non-surprisingly they are also very popular with tourists, so we do not stand alone in this: 
The cathedral of Malaga city
1. Malaga city

Malaga city has got it all. 

The sea in the front and mountains in the back. A big and bubbly city with fresh air and a healthy feel. 

Busy, but calm. Corporate, but picturesque. Musea, castles, shopping, great sea food, tapas... you name it. 

Just how many cities are there where it's only a stroll from a museum or busy shopping street to a beach? 

2. A night out in Puerto Banus

And now for something completely different... a hot summer night out in Marbella's luxury harbour: Puerto Banus! 

Luxurious for one, camp for the other, amazing for one, a giggle for the other... just about everyone who has experienced such a summer night drink in the streets of Puerto Banus, remembers it.

Versace shops open until well after midnight, looking at the tremendous yachts of the very rich, the highest number of luxury cars per square km: Puerto Banus loves money (and its restaurants and tourist shops are amazingly inexpensive). 

3. A day to Ronda
Oh, Ronda. City in the middle of nowhere. Stunning views. The city Hemingway wrote about, and where the original Carmen lived. 

Culture and romance, rolled into one. 

Ronda is at some 80 Kms from Malaga, and what a beautiful 80 Kms these are. Whether you drive over Coin or via Marbella, the trip by car is a highlight in itself. 

Sure, Malaga has much more to offer. With these 3 though, you can say you have lived the Costa del Sol experience. 


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