Saturday, June 8, 2013

Indoor Fresh Market in Malaga

Indoor Fresh Market in Malaga

You can visit this large indoor market in Malaga, located in the historic center. An Arabic port is the main entrance to the market. The port is a part of the old city wall which is build by the Moors. “Mercado Atarazanas” is the largest market in the centre of Malaga. The name “Atarazanas”, which is Moorisch for shipyard, result from the fact that this place was used to recover ships.

The central market hall is a lot bigger than Mercado de Salamanca in the central district of El Molino. This indoor market has a large selection of fresh foods, such as fish, fruits, meat, olives and nuts. Many local people like to use this market to buy their daily fresh food. There is a subdivision in three halls, one with meat, one with fresh fish and one with fruit and vegetables. Cheese, olives and nuts are also available in this market.

There are a few small bars where merchants and customers can have a tapa and a drink.
Almonds or olives are often offered by the marketers to taste. The marketers are especially proud of their products and won´t obligate anyone to buy something!

Although the market is a place buy fresh goods, you should also put this market on your list of paces to visit in Malaga. 

The Central Market is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 14:00 pm

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