Saturday, June 8, 2013

Casa Mira Ice Cream Store in Malaga

Casa Mira is the most famous ice cream shop in Malaga. Many locals were grown up with Casa Mira as the place to go for a ice cream or enjoy a refreshing summer drink.

Since 1890, several generations of the family Mira worked in the business which makes it a traditional family business. The quality and the taste of the ice cream and drinks are always to perfection.

In 1890 they started selling ice cream in the streets of Malaga and in 1900 they opened their first Ice cream store. 25 years after, in 1925, they opened a second store in the famous Calle Larios. This last opened ice cream store was later moved to another property which was more modern. It has a bar where you can stand at to eat your ice cream.

The interior is still authentic in the shop located in Calle Nueva. A typical Spanish Ice cream stoore with white tills and a lots of fluorescent lighting. The elders love to visit Casa Mira in Calle Nueva where they can sit and enjoy an Ice Cream in a traditional interior. 
“Turrón ice” (nougat ice) is the most famous and most sold ice cream at Casa Mira. A different flavor as we are used to, but definitely recommended! It is made with their own recipe and like all the other flavors, prepared  daily in the ice cream shop.

Would you rather have a drink, try a “leche merengada” or “horchata”. Refreshing drinks based on milk. The “leche merengada” is usually a bit thicker then horchata.

If you order a "blanco y negro" then you get black coffee from the freezer combined with a scoop of ice cream. To make it complete, you can still get whipped of cream on top.

Casa Mira also sells bars with almonds and honey nougat (turrón). The staff of Casa Mira says that earlier turrón was sold to compensate the drop of ice cream selling in the winter. Nowadays, the turrón is sold in every season of the year. Especially tourists buy it, they see it as a specialty from Malaga. The origin of this sweet bar is not in Malaga but in Jijona (the birthplace of the Casa Mira founder: Severino Mira).

There are two Casa Mira ice cream stores located  in the historic center of Málaga, in Calle Nueva and Calle Larios.
Casa Mira is open during the whole year on daily base from 10:30 to 01:00. On Friday and Saturday nights until 01:30.

We invite you to visit the Google+ page of Casa Mira.

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