Monday, June 3, 2013

Feria de Malaga - Malaga Fair

“Feria de Malaga” is a traditional party which is celebrated every year in august. Beside “Semana Santa” is “Feria de Malaga” the biggest event of the year. The Feria de Malaga is famous outside Malaga and Andalusia is “Feria de Malaga”, because of the size of the event and its traditions celebrated by the people who live in Malaga.    
The opening of the “Feria” is at the City Hall of Malaga. This is at  Friday, the week before August 19. 

The Feria gets announced just before midnight, and exactly at 00:00 the “Feria” starts with fireworks and music. The local people are dressed in flamenco style to go to the fair. The ladies are dressed in the most beautiful flamenco dresses and the men are dressed in a tight suit with hat. The next morning horseback riders and carriages will come together at the Town Hall, for the procession called  “Romeria de la Virgen de la Victoria Malaga”, which passes trough the streets of the city. 

On Saturday at 21:30 pm the “Fair” is opened with thousands of lights. Streets like “Paseo del Parque” are decorated with many colored lights and flags. During the following days there are various performances, for instance in the “Auditorium of Malaga”. From the afternoon until the early evening, the “Feria de Malaga” is celebrated in the historic center of the city. There are plenty of stands with snacks and drinks on the main squares. The center of Malaga is filled with dancing and singing people. After a little break, the party continues in the evening in the “Feria ground" just outside center of Malaga, where the eating, drinking and dancing goes on until the early morning. There are also hundreds of attractions set up in the Feria ground to entertain young and old.

During the feria, in the “La Malagueta Bullring” are bullfights every day.

The “Feria de Malaga” is famous in Andalusia because the size and importance of this event. Ferias” in Andalusia are usually kept in one location called the Feria ground, but Malaga has two locations with an afternoon and an evening program. When you are near Malaga is definitely worth a visit.

During theFeria” it is very busy in the hotels. You need to make a reservation far in advance to get a hotel room. During the nights it can be rather noisy in the center, which can make it hard to catch sleep (if you are not at the fair!). It’s a party which the locals are celebrating mainly in the streets, even at night.

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