Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flamenco Museum

Museo de Arte Flamenco is a small museum in a side street of Calle Alamos. This small but informative museum  consists of 2 floors with detailed information about the history of flamenco dance and music in Malaga.

As you step into the building you see immediately a room with tables and chairs, this is the space where members of Pena Juan Breva meet. This club, named after the famous flamenco singer Juan Breva from Malaga, is also the manager of the museum. Guided tours are given  by a member of the Pena Juan Brava in Spanish. If you do not speak Spanish then the different objects and pictures will give you a good impression of flamenco in Malaga.

The first floor has a nice collection of different objects that belong to the flamenco culture of Malaga. You can see many old gramophone players and a large collection of old records with flamenco music. The second floor is going deeper into the history of flamenco in Malaga and the people who play an important role here. Personal belongings of the local population, who are or were active in the world of flamenco, are showed with pride. There is also a collection of guitars, scarves and dresses. 

The flamenco museum is not a large museum and certainly not one of the most famous attractions in Malaga. However, for only one euro you will get a good impression of the flamenco culture in Malaga. If you want to experience more of the flamenco culture, then you can visit the museum on Friday afternoon (in the same building) and listen to live flamenco music which is sometimes supplemented with dance. This is an activity of the Pena Juan Breva itself and not specifically designed for tourism. Pure Spanish and admission is free.

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