Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Walking and Climbing in Malaga

Malaga has a beautiful nature reserve where you can walk, mountain biking and kayaking or canoeing.

The Lake District is divided into three different lakes: Embalse del Conde de Guadalhorce Embalse de Guadalteba, and Embalse de Guadalhorce.

At the lake you will find several restaurants and picnic areas, as the area is a popular tourist destination. Here you can also enjoy various water sports such as kayaking or canoeing. You can even fish in the lake.

For walkers and mountain bikers there are many marked walking routes and mountains which are some of the best climbing areas in Spain. Also paragliding is possible.

The surrounding places like Alora, Antquera, Pizzara, Bobadilla and Campillos are fascinating. The area consists of El Torcal spectacular rock formations of sandstone, formed over thousands of years to a spectacular lunar landscape.

El Chorro is a huge natural gap, as beaten by an ax in the rock appears "La Garganta del Chorro ". 

A bridge connects the two sides rock which the train runs from Malaga to Cordoba.

Alcazar de Bobastro near El Chorro , are the remains of an old Moorish fortress and the ruins of the first church in Spain, the "Iglesia de Bobastro Rupestre".

You can also make a beautiful walking tour and mountain climbing.

There are beautiful areas in Malaga as "Montes de Malaga", 'Parque Natural Sierra', 'Parque Natural Sierra Tejera "," Sierra de las Nieves "," Sierra Blanca "and " Juanar ".

The most beautiful mountains to climb are the "La Maroma" (2.066m), "Torrecilla" (1.919m), "La Concha" (1.215m), and  "Los Reales de Estepona" (1.410m).

Climbing the "Torrecilla".The "Torecilla" is located in 'Parque Natural Sierra de la Nieves ". This is known for its silverfirforest (Pinsapo, Abies Pinsapo Bois) that is unique in the world because it only occurs in southern Spain in the woods between Malaga and Cadiz.

Climbing the "La Maroma".The "La Maroma" is located in "Parque Natural Sierra Tejera " and "Almijara",  just above Velez-Malaga. It is a large limestone mountain where a couple of weeks in a year a lot of snow is on.. The rest of the park has beautiful mountains such as "El Cielo", and "El Lucero". Often the mountains are over 1500 meters with deep ravines.

Climbing the "La Concha".The "La Concha" is not the highest mountain, but a very beautiful mountain that is just above Marbella. The mountain has beautiful authentic forms, ridges, ravines and mountain sides. The view of the mountain on the Costa del Sol is one of the most wonderfullest. When full moon falls in the weekend night climbs are done here.

Plenty to do for those who not only want to spend the holiday on the beach!

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