Monday, May 6, 2013

Teatro Romano of Malaga

Malaga Roman theater, "Teatro Romano".
On the street "Calle Alcazabilla" you can find the "Teatro Romano" in Malaga. It is more like a square than a street.

Around 1950 the Roman theater was discovered during renovation work in the area. This street is now, thanks to the excavations of  the Roman theater, a pedestrian zone with many historical sites.

The Roman theater has been excavated and restored in parts since 1960, when the excavations started until 2011.

In the end of the 80's , they decided to break down the "Casa de la Cultura" for further archaeological excavations. This finally happens in the late 90's.  

The Romans build a part of the theater into a kind of factory. The Moorish later used parts of the Roman Theater to build the Alcazaba, located on the hill behind the theater.

The Roman theater in Malaga is certainly not the biggest theater that is found in Spain. But it is  one of the oldest Roman theaters of Spain, dating back from the 1st century.
It's definitely worth a visit.


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