Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Child seats in Malaga Taxis

The Spanish law obligates you to follow certain safety issues when traveling with small children, this counts also for Taxi´s in Málaga.

Children cannot sit in the front seat of the car, unless they are taller then 1.35cm and older then 12 years of age. Children smaller then 1.35cm and younger then 12 years are obliged to sit in the back and use a child seat. There several child seats for different ages and weights.

  • Baby's up to 10kg (approx 9 months of age) have to sit in a Rearward-facing Baby Seats
  • Children in between 10 and 18 kg (approx 4 years of age) have to sit in a Forward-facing child seat
  • Children in between 18kg and 25kg can use a Booster seats
  • Children in between 25kg and 36kg (up to 12 years of age) have to use a Booster cushion 

Most taxi companies in Málaga can provide you these special child seats, when booking a taxi , inform them of the age and weight of your child. They should not charge you any more then 5 Euros for the use of the child seat.

Adults and taxi driver are also obligated to wear seat belts, no matter what age, size or weight.

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