Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fuengirola fair 2014

The feria of Fuengirola is one of the latest fairs of the year. This year the fair will be celebrated the 6th until the 12th of October under the name Feria del Rosario. The Fuengirola fair is one of the 3 most important fairs of Andalucia and will take place, as every year at the main fairgrounds of Fuengirola (where the normally the week market is set up).


Every year you will find loads of different attractions at the Fuengirola Fair.  These will open when the sun goes under until late. Attractions for young and old. There also will be several stands who sell sugar products, churros, mojitos, food and drinks. Traditional fair goods as sombreros (hats), balloons for the children will also be available.


During the days of the fair, the horses will be the stars of the fair. Many horses with carriages or ridden by traditional dressed up riders will be coming to the fair. A real must-see for horse-lovers. Only take care, some riders will get drunk and might not be able to control their horses. Also take special care when passing the horseback as not all horses are as friendly as they should be!


In the late afternoon all attractions will be opened for you and your kids to ride one of (or more) of the many feria attractions.

People will dress up in the typical flamenco dresses and suits. If you have one, wear it!

There are 32 buildings where food, drinks, dance and (live) music can be enjoyed in a true Spanish atmosphere.

Horses are not allowed at this time anymore to prevent injuries and unpleasant situations.
In the "palacio de la Paz" there will be artistic performances of high level for which you should buy tickets at the local town hall.

Fair in honour of the Rosario Virgen

As all Spanish festivities, they do it to honour their local products or Virgens (Maria).  The patron of Fuengirola is Virgin del Rosario.

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