Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Years Eve in Malaga

New Years Eve is rapidly approaching, so get your grapes together. You need 12 of them. 

At midnight, go to any central Church or Cathedral in Malaga center, the coast or inland Malaga. 

And every time the bells chime, eat one grape. According to the tradition, this would lead to a year of prosperity. 

This typical Spanish tradition is named 'the 12 grapes of luck' and dates back from the late 19th century. Officially it was only established in 1909, as a 'marketing trick' from vine growers in Alicante. 

Later on it slowly spread to other locations and countries with strong cultural ties with Spain, such as Mexico, and also the Spanish speaking communities in the USA, and even, as part of the Spanish empire, the Philippines. 

After that moment, follow the crowd! Whenever you see a large group of Malaguenos enter a bar, you will know this bar has the best tapas. And the party is where the youngsters go. 

And don't forget to learn these words: 

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

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