Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Have a drink in Bar El Pimpi in Malaga!

Where to go for a drink or a tapa when you are in Malaga center? 

Let your quest definitely include this one address: 'El Pimpi'!  

In Malaga, El Pimpi Bar is an icon. It stands for cosiness and great authentic tapas. 

Located in an original wine cellar, it exists of one bar (with tapas) and one cocktail bar (with seafood). 

The decor is traditional and vintage. 

It's very much praised for its wine, and even more for its ambiance, and thus a magnet for local artists, filmmakers and politicians alike. So it truly lives up to its tagline: 'Where MalagueƱas meet'

The name 'el pimpi' comes from a character that no longer exists: the pimpis, who used to be young men helping out the crews of ships. Eventually they became the first city guides for tourists. 

You can find El Pimpi very easily, in the narrow Calle Granada where you walk through when you walk from the shopping street Calle Larios to Plaza Merced - 2 places you will visit anyway. 

For more information: 
Visit the website of El Pimpi 


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