Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The weather in Malaga in September

So, here we are, after the peak of the peak season. 

The traffic is more relaxed, the queue's are shorter, the beaches are calmer... and then there is that gorgeous weather of September and the first half of October. 

Sometimes warm, sometimes still even hot, but no longer suffocating. Sitting on the terrace of a tapa bar in smoothly calm square in Malaga, one can get the feel of an 'Indian summer'. 

Beach weather and lots of space... that is the autumn in Malaga. 
Marbella is never more pleasant than now. 

You know you are in a city, and you see the people pass by on the beach boulevard or have a drink or relax on the beach... but it is all so adorably calm and laid back. 

The occasional first shower doesn't disturb at all. It ads to the romantic feel of this season. 

Yes, when it comes to the weather and the ambiance, Malaga is never more beautiful than in September and October. 

If you have a rental car and can go to the more 'virginal' beaches, you are in for a great day. Because, yes, you can expect temperatures varying around 24 Centigrade, so tanning and going to the beach are still an option! 

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